With Carla Thomson, art is life.
Carla Thomson is a multi-talented artist who maintains her studio in the New
England town of Gloucester, Rhode Island. Her chosen mediums are oil landscapes and portraits, charcoal sketches and hand formed ceramics. Carla’s art is her life both in poetic artistry and inspiration. Believing we see what we choose to see and life is what you make it, her art expresses her joy, wonder, and appreciation for nature. To gaze at her art is as if waking from a beautiful dream.
An artist her whole life, Carla has come full circle.
Art student, graphic designer, muralist, successful career woman and now full-time artist.
Carla received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Rhode Island College with a focus on graphic design. She later discovered her love for painting while working on wall murals for her children’s nurseries – which lead to a short part-time role as a muralist. Carla continued developing through self-study, a course at Rhode Island College, workshops, and collaborative painting groups.
Carla was a full-time mother painting nurseries for her children when the passion for art took over again. The brush strokes of her children’s nurseries turned into a calling she couldn’t ignore.
She recently transitioned from a long career in technology at a multinational financial services company to becoming a full-time artist. Her story of a midlife career change appeared on www.abc6.com.

Now, art is born from life. A colorful bloom in her garden, memories gathered like shells on the beach, or a swaying branch come to life on canvas or with the molding of the clay.
“I delight in the joy of anticipating spring’s first flowers, the wonder of a glorious sunrise, or a spectacular sunset. I am an artist and a creator. I capture cherished moments and emotions so we can experience them again each time we see them.”  – Carla Thomson

Along with a career change from corporate America to full time artist, came a new medium in which to work. A request for a pottery class led to Carla receiving a wheel and ever since she has divided her creative abilities into two avenues; painting and ceramics.

Primarily painting florals and landscapes, she creates warmth and nostalgia within her work. Inspiration arises from the joy in a brightly colored bouquet to the serenity of waves crashing on a rocky shore. A song bird bends her ear and becomes her muse.
Her ceramics capture the essence of Carla’s paintings and bring their beauty to life in the form of beautiful sculpture to adorn your table. As functional as they are lovely, they are a timeless addition to any room.

Carla Thomsons artwork is found in numerous private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. She has received accolades and awards which include

“Award of Excellence” ~ Manhattan Arts International, New York, New York
“Best in Show” ~ Lyn Art Gallery, Rhode Island
“Finalist” ~ Richeson75 International.com, Still Life & Floral

“It’s a thrill to share my art with you. Through Etsy and other venues, I’ve been fortunate to have a number of paintings purchased. Each and every sale humbles me. There is no greater compliment than having someone appreciate a small piece of yourself.”

The Carla Thomson collection is found on Etsy.com and CarlaThomson.com.
You are also welcome to join her on social media.


: pinterest.com/carlathomsondesign



“Studio of Her Own” Lyn Art Gallery, Smithfield RI 2016


Creative Arts Festival Chatham MA 2021
Glastonbury On the Green Art Festival 2021
“Fully Engaged” Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlboro, MA 2019
Narragansett Art Festival 2019
Roseland Cottage Fine Arts Festival Wickford, RI Art Festival 2018
“Pattern Play” Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton, MA 2018


Finalist, Richeson75 International Still Life & Floral 2016
Best In Show “Studio of Her Own” Lyn Art Gallery, Smithfield RI 2016


Edinburg, UK 2021
HongKong 2020
France 2019
Albuquerque, NM 2018
Alexandria, VA 2017
Smithfield, RI 2016
Houston, TX 2015
Los Angeles, CA 2014
Alexandria, VA | Lexington, KY 2012
Scituate, RI 2010
Newton, MA 2009


B.A. Studio Art (Graphic Design and Photography) Rhode Island College 1991